Today guys, we are going to daydream together.

And I decided to put this here as a bigger-than my-notebook-reminder of the way of living that I am dreaming about at this period, and hope against hope that I am not tempting fate :

I want a house of my own. I want a nest to come back to in peace, quiet and good vibes for the first time since I can remember.

Laugh all you want at my use of the term vibes, but having entered my grandparents’ house in the village I can vouch that there is such a thing. A house than knew love will be always a home.

I want to find it already very practical, and design some parts myself. I am fantasizing a bed on top of shelves and tables that can hide in the walls. I do not like vacant unused space, so the furniture has to be either occupied or retractable.

I want a kitchen with a central counter, potted spices and dried herbs hanging from the walls. There are so many things a kitchen must have but I have no space for them now! A slow juicer; A good blender; A big selection of non stick pans, oven trays, cake and muffin trays; A coffee grinder; An espresso machine; An ingredient scale; Measuring cups; A sandwich toaster/grill; A steam cooker;

I want a small room with tall walls and a big window with a ledge for my huge built in bookcases and an armchair for my reading.

I want a big balcony for big pots for fruit and veggies and loungers to catch some sunshine. Ideally a duplex, for quick access to the rooftop.

I want a living room of sofas and throw pillows so we can relax and stargaze. I will also put clothes racks so I can have my most beautiful dresses hanged, instead of cramped up folded and permanently creased. On the corner I want a sewing table, with a sewing machine and some knitting gear.

I want a pet, finally, after all these years. Maybe even more, as I loved having signing birds, a rabbit, and I could also get a dog, if I find one to like enough. Otherwise a cat, cause one cannot simply not love a cat.

And most importantly, I want my studio. The biggest room in the house. 2-3  poles, and 1-2 aerial hammocks so I can practice and teach as well. Together with the library they will be my spaces to decompress.

Regarding work, that’s a tough cookie. I want to still work with people, but my passion is to write. So I will have to find a way to be useful and make the daily bread through that.

If I have a house, then I can make sure to have one unused room so I can rent it out for some months and travel. Mostly to have someone to take care of the flora and fauna of my little private zoo, but also – let’s keep it real –┬áto make the mortgage. So aforementioned work has to be either seasonal or (ideally) freelance. In complete honesty, in every travel I need some time alone in a quiet space therefore I consider it ideal if I could work from a computer for some hours a day while travelling.

Case in point, my best virtue, the storytelling. Feel free to comment on this with a combo of a utensil, an animal and a country and I will turn it into a story.

True story.


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