Mediterranean summer

Beautiful earthly house.

Balcony overlooking dark sea and bright twinkling lights across the bay.

A shelf with a couple of battered English books waiting for someone to put the pages in the right order.

A fan – no aircon. We don’t need that devil.

A full length mirror.

Very clear symbols of happiness since my youth.

An unruly autistic adolescent looking for escape in junk food and at the bottom of the sea, diving as deep as her ears could handle, scanning the white sand for shells.

Half a lifetime ago and I still remember a day of escape. After many fights, two huge duffle bags with two months’ worth of gear hit the road looking for the first bus to go wherever, but not there. Four in the afternoon and forty degrees.

If I can do this, I can do anything.

I knew from a very young age how to make quick escapes.

I learned later how to pack light.

Now in this lovely porch, with only the sound of the fan and the muffled whispers of the neighbors for company, sipping fennel tea, feet rested on the railing, the blue black sky alit with diamond stars, savoring this delicious quiet that was missing for years…

Seems like yesterday and a hundred years ago.

A wish on the stars for a whisper in my own ear as I trudged up that hill :It will pass. And you will have all you’re aching for, and more.

But most importantly, you will be free.

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