Istanbul Youth In Action ’12

The first experience that comes to mind synonym to nostalgia is Istanbul. As described best by music, and not words, I propose Gülümcan – as it happens, it hit my ears passing by a dusty souvenir shop. Inside the owner was busy so I peeked at the RDS of the radio; and there it was.

There are a million things one can say about Istanbul. Factoring that it has 16.000.000 inhabitants, there are probably 16.000.001 things one can say-as at least one person is bound to have more than one opinion. Sadly it is not what it used to be, yet it is still there, timeless.

Approaching it from afar, you start to feel the energy even 50 kilometres away. I highly recommend arriving from the road, so you can see her looming in the distance. It s a metropolis of huge contrasts, of cows masticating grass outside of huge skysrapers, of tin houses and the Dolma Bahce Serayi. But above all it is seagulls flaoting in the distance in a vivid orange sunset with the smell of nutmeg mingling in the waves..




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