Independence 101 – Why







Notice how I did not call it Adulthood 101…? Well yes. Not mutually inclusive, I am afraid, as most of us know. The below list can be considered a survival manual in the modern world, one you have to fend for yourself without relying on another adult to do basic tasks for you; also applicable when moving cities/countries.

Basically I will list the things to know in order to have your everyday life under control.

  1. Cooking
  2. Which cleaning products are the basics for your house
  3. How to (Google) clean the tougher stains
  4. When and where to pay the bills
  5. When and where to pay taxes (alternatively the contact number of a good accountant)
  6. Two cafes with good coffee and three restaurants of various cuisine, including opening times
  7. Which attractions your city has to offer
  8. Closet : business clothes and shoes (depending on your profession, see here for more info)
  9. Emergency numbers SHOULD BE also on your speed dial
  10. How to clean a bathroom effectively
  11. How to move around your house with minimal light
  12. Where do you keep the candles and/or flashlight
  13. Which shop has the best value for money household items
  14. What are the staples that are necessary for you ie should always be in your fridge/cupboard
  15. How to take care of yourself during a cold, aka which painkillers work best for your body type
  16. What assets you own and what does this mean for your future
  17. Socializing : how to start/carry on/end a conversation
  18. Dating : how to start/carry on/end a relationship
  19. Which activities help you decompress and which ones stress you out

Print this on your fridge and start ticking. If you need another person to do one or more of the above for you, the below exercise is for you:

Step 1 : Ask the person that does it for you how they do it.

Step 2 : Ask them to stop doing it.

Step 3 : Ask 3 people from your environment how they do it.

Step 4 : Repeat as needed.


If not for another reason, then for the macabre but quite accurate fact that the person who takes care of your processes for you might not be there one day for a million reasons. Plus this can happen so unexpectedly that you are left stranded and bewildered about what happened.

Depending on how each person grows up, it is not always easy to take initiative and do things yourself. Other people grew up protected and some of these honesty do not cross their mind, like the fact that when you get a job and you have income you have to be taxed as well.

A big asterisk on all of these are friends and partners; especially in the last case having your SO take your car to the mechanic or format your PC can be a sweet gesture, good for bonding etc – plus you could not tell the front of the back end of your Macbook if it wasn’t for the Apple logo. But imagine your partner suddenly disappearing in a way that you do not wish to speak to them anymore (eg at your best friend’s condo) and you are left with a broken heart and a PC in shambles. Not a happy occasion right? Learning to fend for yourself and how much salt you like in your food is a revelation sometimes, together with major respect raiser for your parents as you ill simply not believe how they juggled all it takes to run a house AND you.

Now time to call your parents/siblings/aunts/uncles/grandparents/neighbors/nannies and thank them for the wonderful years that made you believe the fridge was filling itself.

That’s that folks and happy independing!

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