How it started – and why

Hello people and welcome to my journal!


Here I can let you know how I went from an impoverished kid, sharing a room with my parents to a very grown up manager in a big company on the other corner of Europe, making my way through the world;

one step at a time and all the little steps in between.

As a person that learns much faster from other people’s mistakes than my own, I will try to squeeze the juice and leave out the pulp in this little cyberspace container for your benefit

I believe in creativity of any form, so we leave a little bit more than dust behind us when we go. Or in other words…


How much time you spend οn stuff other people made (TV/music/games/websites) vs making your own?
Only one of these adds to your value as a human being.

My unique power is that I can make a noteworthy story out of anything. Really. Ask and ya shall receive.