The (tear) jerkers

I tell myself that I need to be alone in order to find myself but that’s not correct.

There are the right kind of people to help you along this path and the wrong kind.

The wrong people are the life’s distractions; the ones that suck you in so you get immersed in them and forget about you while still attractive.  

These people are nice but they make you submerged. Without aiming to. They are so set in their ways that before you know it you are parroting their beliefs, their quotes, hanging out with their friends at their favorite bar, even copying their outfits!

Depending on the person, most of us can live a long happy life as a parrot of this sort; You don’t realize what’s happening until waaaaaaaay after the affliation is over.

I mean unless they are a bad influence it’s not a bad thing being a parrot. You will feel loved, safe, understood.

Maybe juuuust a bit drained a (as well) as the scales tip slightly in their favor constantly;

They won’t ask how your day was till after they’ve finished talking about theirs-and even then not always.

They’ll give you affection only when they want, which you’ll take gladly as they leave you starved for it. And when you get it it’ll be so gratifying that it will create a sense of almost happiness.

You see, these people always had someone to take care of them, and their vision of adulthood is being independent of the person who takes care of them – no question about what that person wants, cause they are as happy as can be being the sole caregivers right?

Okay, they also care but only when they feel like it. 

Only that is not caring, that’s a whim.

To most of us anyway.

They combine well with people that are damaged, that need to feel loved and committed as they want to care for people, that’s their lifeliner, but they need to feel secure whilst.

Like I said they are not bad.

They’re just not good for everybody.

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