Year: 2017

Today guys, we are going to daydream together.

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The (tear) jerkers

I tell myself that I need to be alone in order to find myself but that’s not correct. There are the right kind of people to help you along this path and the wrong kind.

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Mediterranean summer

Beautiful earthly house. Balcony overlooking dark sea and bright twinkling lights across the bay. A shelf with a couple of battered English books waiting for someone to put the pages in the right order. A fan – no aircon. We

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Vegan – The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Whazzzzup my bamboozles?!?   Without further ado, my surprisingly very energetic self will proceed to dictate the different aspects of the vegan lifestyle.

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Vegan – Why

Yes, I said it. The most offensive v-word ever. I am sure I will be condemned to the deepest pits of hell for my vulgarity. This has never stopped me from sharing my experiences. First of all a disclaimer :

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The fat kid in gym class

After participating in a versatile hour-and-a-half game of Apenkooi  a.k.a. the Monkey Garden organized by my company, I remembered something I hadn’t thought about in years. It sucks being a kid. Double that if you’re an adolescent. 

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Berlin – Why

Because you want to visit London but cannot afford it at the moment.

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One of the most controversial sentences I ever heard was that everybody misses their mom. After a lot of thought, I realized it is true. Everybody does.

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Thailand : Why (half a country)

Given the fact that it has been the no 1 tourist destination with more than 125.000.000 tourists per year, the following declaration is the most obvious that it could but here goes : THAILAND IS AMAZING AND EVERYBODY SHOULD VISIT!

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So, today’s story is going to be bittersweet.

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